Posting around 28 January 2016 by Yaron Koren:

Hi all,

Version 3.4.2 of Semantic Forms has been released. This version contains the following changes and additions:

- Semantic Forms now makes use of the new MediaWiki loading system for extensions, using the file extension.json. This is only done for MediaWiki 1.26 and above, though. Thanks to Paladox for this improvement.

- "values dependent on" now works correctly for the "combobox" and "tokens" input types - thanks to Niklas Laxström.

- This mostly doesn't change the behavior of Semantic Forms, but the function SFFormPrinter::formHTML() was greatly reduced in size. formHTML() is a massive function at the heart of Semantic Forms that basically does all the important stuff, all at the same time: parses the form definition, parses the page, displays the form and generates the new wikitext. The code in the function was difficult to understand, let alone modify. I did what they call "refactoring", moving a lot of code into new functions and new classes (five new classes were created); and now the size of formHTML() has been reduced from around 1,550 lines to a sprightly 850 lines. It's still too big, but hopefully now it's easier to understand, to fix bugs in, etc.

- One positive change that did come about during the refactoring is that I believe "partial forms" now work better than they did before. (These are forms that are only responsible for editing a subset of a page, like a single template.)

- The code was updated to work better with more recent versions of MediaWiki; thanks to Reedy, Florian and Paladox for these fixes.

- Date values that were only a month and a year, with no day, were not always saved to the page in a computer-understandable format; this is now fixed.

- The parsing of dates is now done exclusively with PHP's own strtotime() function, instead of using Semantic MediaWiki's date functions when SMW is installed, which should improve the handling of dates before 1582 or so (when the calendar in most European countries switched from Julian to Gregorian.)

- Forms no longer include now-deprecated HTML, like tags - thanks to Alangi Derick and Ioannis Kydonis for this fix.

- There were some fixes to autocompletion, especially for when both SMW and Cargo are installed.

- There were other bug fixes; thanks to TehDmitry and Paladox for some of these.

As always, you can read more about, and download, Semantic Forms here:


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