Posting around 17 September 2015 by Yaron Koren:

Hi everyone,

Version 3.4 of Semantic Forms has been released. Changes and additions in this version include:

- In order to get not-yet-created pages to be automatically created with a form, you previously had to use the special property "Creates pages with form". That option is still available, but it is now somewhat deprecated, in favor of using the #formredlink parser function, which now has a new parameter, "create page", which automatically creates any red-linked page it points to. "Creates pages with form" was the last special property that SF required use of; now they have all been replaced with parser functions.

- In addition to the existing "mapping template=" functionality, which lets you use a template to display alias values within dropdowns and the like, you can now use SMW properties and Cargo fields directly to do the mapping, using the new parameters "mapping property=", "mapping cargo table=" and "mapping cargo field=". Thanks to Cindy Cicalese for these new features.

- For edits where the user is required to fill out a CAPTCHA, such as when using the ConfirmEdit extension, forms were failing before. This is fixed now; thanks to Stephan Gambke for the fix.

- There was a bug introduced in version 3.3.2 for the display of the "tree" input type; this has been fixed.

- The code that determines form field types based on the Cargo field types (for wikis that use Cargo) was improved.

- There was a fix for Cargo fields when used in autocompletion and dropdowns; thanks again to Cindy for the fix.

- The error messages shown when "minimum instances=" and "maximum instances=" are in place now display correctly when the value for either one is 1; thanks to Karsten Hoffmeyer for the fix.

- There were various other small bug fixes.

As always, you can read more about Semantic Forms, and get the latest version, here:


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