Posting around 3 January 2014 by Yaron Koren:

Hi all,

Version 2.6.1 of Semantic Forms has been released. This version consists mostly of bug fixes, although there are a lot of them. Changes and additions in this version are:

- The "date" and "datetime" inputs have been changed significantly: they used to show the current month and year by default, but now they show all blank inputs. The advantage to this approach (besides the fact that dates entered are not always around the present date) is that dates can now be entered as just a year, or a combination of a month and year; before, if the day was not entered, the form just ignored the other values in the input.

- The Dynatree Javascript library, now used for the "category" and "categories" input types, was fixed up - before, it gave a loading error some of the time.

- Handling was improved for the "section" tag - if the user enters a subsection within a "section" textarea, the form now handles it correctly when the page is re-edited. Thanks to Himeshi De Silva for the fix.

- Remote autocompletion was fixed for properties not of type "Page".

- When the "minimum instances=" parameter is set for a template, the form now starts with that many instances by default, instead of the parameter just validating when the form is submitted.

- Preloading a form with another page's contents did not set the values of date or checkbox inputs - this is fixed now.

- When only alternate forms, and not a default form, were set for a property, it caused strange behavior when a red link using that property was clicked. This has been fixed. Thanks to Stephan Gambke for helping with this fix.

- Handling was fixed for templates whose names contain carets ("^").

- The Semantic Forms testing script, added in version 2.6, was fixed; thanks to Yussuf Khalil for the fix. (A Google Code-In student! Under the supervision of Himeshi De Silva.)

- SF's role in the Page Schemas extension was significantly improved. You can now generate templates that use #subobject, when the Semantic Internal Objects extension is not installed; and there were some bug fixes for template creation in general.

- In some cases, fields that were hidden due to the use of "show on select" were also getting their contents validated, which is never a good idea. This has (I believe) been fixed now.

- Support was improved for Semantic MediaWiki 1.9.

- Support was removed for MediaWiki 1.17.

You can read more about Semantic Forms, and get the latest version, here:


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