This string property can be a username.

In forms use field|autocomplete on namespace=User or field|values from category=Users (preferred) where the [Category:Users] tag has been added to each new users user page via the MediaWiki:Welcome-message-user template.

Pages using the property "Is a favorite of"

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Skin18 +najevi  +
Skin20 +Patrick Nagel  +, Delica  +
Skin21 +Patrick Nagel  +
Skin22 +Boris  +, Natasha  +
Skin26 +Delica  +
Skin27 +Najevi  +
Skin30 +Najevi  +
Skin31 +Delica  +
Skin32 +Najevi  +
Skin33 +Najevi  +
Skin34 +Delica  +
Skin35 +Najevi  +, Patrick Nagel  +
Skin36 +Delica  +
Skin38 +Delica  +
Skin5 +najevi  +

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